NBA 2k16

CLIENT: 2k Sports      ART DIRECTION: Anthony Yau

I had the pleasure of continuing my work in creating a range of icons for the NBA2k series. This time up, it was the NBA2k16 video game. Some of the work was being added to the icons i created for the last game, and some was fresh content.

Achievement icons

As a player unlocks in-game achievements, they collect these icons. It's difficult to collect the whole set, making them a bit more special, so I wanted to give them a bit more visual flair. The GUI that displays these icons scrolls vertically, so the shield placement and overall size had to be applied consistently across the whole set.


Black Market Alphabet

This is one of the reasons I love the variety in my job. How often do you get to create a new language?! There are 30 glyphs that make up this alphabet, used throughout the game as a kind of puzzle for the gamer. As a phrase is discovered, a prize is unlocked. I used a grid system, line weight, direction and density to create a style I could apply to the whole set. Each character had to look unique, but also be clear that it is part of this alphabet.


League Logos & Championship Trophies

As a player progresses through the career mode, they also move through different leagues. The logos for each league are below. Each one also has a trophy, which I created to be 100% vector, and used visual cues to tie each to its corresponding league logo.


Local Endorsement Logos

Using the game in MyGM mode, you control a basketball franchise. Responsibilities include things like stadium upgrades, increasing fan happiness, and aquiring sponsors. As well as some real-world brands, players can get sponsorship from fictional local companies. Thats where the following logos come in.  I had fun creating a logo for each business, making sure they were unique, and had the right feel for their industry.